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abstract To the doctrine of parenteral enzymes (according to Abderhalden’s method)

To the doctrine of parenteral enzymes (according to Abderhalden’s method)

Hovhannes Parsamov
Vrachebnaya Gazeta (St. Petersburg) 1914;7:257-260.

In his article, Dr. Parsamov shares his experience with application of parenteral enzymes using Abderhalden’s method. Hovhannes Smbatovich Parsamov (Parsamyan) (1885-1953) is a Russian and Soviet scientist-doctor of Armenian origin, author of more than 40 publications, and the chief obstetric gynecologist of Saratov city. He was born in 1885, Tiflis (Tbilisi, Georgia), or alternatively in Alexandropol (nowadays Gyumri, Armenia). In 1904 he attended the Medical Faculty of the Moscow University which he graduated in 1910 with “Medical Doctor” degree. In 1912, under the leadership of Prof. E.S. London in Women’s medical Institute in St. Petersburg, he started working on his doctoral thesis which he did not manage to finish. The First World War started and Dr. Parsamov was sent to front, where he served until 1916 as a “Red Cross” resident. He was honored with “Saint Anna” 3rd degree medal. From 1917, he worked at Saratov University first as an assistant professor and then as a privat-docent (Associate Professor).

DOI: 10.54235/27382737-2023.v3.2-102