Armenian Journal of Health & Medical Sciences

Publishing ethics

Editorial Responsibilities

  1. Publication Decisions: The Editor-in-Chief has complete responsibility to accept, reject, or request modifications to any submitted manuscript. S/he shall only do so in a fair and an impartial manner.
  2. Fair Play: The editors shall not use prejudice or bias of any kind against any author during the review process.
  3. Conflict of Interest: The editors shall not have any conflict of interest with respect to the article under consideration.
  4. Anonymity: Anonymity of reviewers shall be maintained during the review process.
  5. Errors in Published Works: When an error is detected, the editors shall promote publication of correction or retraction.
  6. Certainty of Originality: Editors must make every effort to be reasonably certain that each manuscript is evaluated for originality.

Author Responsibilities

  1. Reporting Standards: Authors shall present an accurate account of their original research
  2. Originality: Authors must ensure that they have written entirely original work.
  3. References and Sources: Authors shall fully annotate all sources of data used in the research and cite publications, adhering to the Journal’s Submission Guidelines. All citations must be real and authentic.
  4. Peer Review: Authors are obliged to participate in the peer review process.
  5. Disclosure of Financial Support: Sources of financial support, if any, must be clearly disclosed.
  6. Errors in Published Works: All authors are obliged to provide retractions or corrections of mistakes.

Reviewer Responsibilities

  1. Standard of Objectivity: Review of submitted manuscripts shall be objective and the reviewers shall express their views clearly with supporting arguments to the editors through the single-blind peer review process.
  2. Conflict of Interest: Reviewers shall not have any conflict of interest with respect to the research, the authors, and/or the research funders. Reviewers shall not accept for review any manuscript for which there is a potential conflict of interest, and reviewers shall report to the Editor-in-Chief any issue that may result in a conflict of interest.

The printing of the manuscripts in the periodical is carried out free of charge.