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abstract Catamenial Pneumothorax: Clinical Cases and Literature Data Analysisabstract

Catamenial Pneumothorax: Clinical Cases and Literature Data Analysis

Ruben Stepanyan, Shahen Danielyan, Gevorg Voskanyan, Sergey Matikyan, Arman Avetisyan, Gagik Arakelyan, Levon Stepanyan, Gor Geghamyan, Hayk Kobelyan, Misak Basentsyan

Department of thoracic surgery, Astghik Medical Center, Yerevan, Armenia
Chair of thoracic surgery, Avdalbekyan National Institute of Health, MoH RA, Yerevan, Armenia


Catamenial pneumothorax occurs in women of reproductive age. The main clinical manifestations include chest pain and difficulty breathing, which do not have specific characteristics, except for the onset of complaints: before menstruation or within the first 72 hours, and very rarely – 96 hours of menstruation. The periodicity of complaints is noted, occurring once every few months to once every few years. This article presents three cases of catamenial pneumothorax diagnosed in the Department of thoracic surgery of Astghik Medical Center (Yerevan, Armenia) in 2022-2023.

Keywords: thoracic endometriosis, catamenial pneumothorax, VATS, surgical management

DOI: 10.54235/27382737-2023.v3.2-95