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abstract Assessment of the Effectiveness of Monitoring to Ensure the Implementation of Tobacco Law in the Republic of Armeniaabstract

Assessment of the Effectiveness of Monitoring to Ensure the Implementation of Tobacco Law in the Republic of Armenia

Astghik Torosyan1, K?? Abrahamyan1, M?? Mnatsakanyan2, Alexander Bazarchyan1, Lena Nanushyan2, Arsen Torosyan3
1 Acad. Avdalbekyan National Institute of Health, MօH RA, Yerevan, Armenia
2 Ministry of Health of RA, Yerevan, Armenia
3 National Assembly of RA, Yerevan, Armenia


Introduction: In order to ensure the implementation of the tobacco law “On the reduction and prevention of health damage caused by the use of tobacco products and their substitutes” provisions a tobacco monitoring group was formed and the joint cooperation was carried out within the state bodies. With the support of the Secretariat of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control of the World Health Organization, the best practices of the lead countries were compared and implemented in our country.
Methods: Monitoring activities were carried out in Yerevan and in 10 regions of the Republic of Armenia, in three directions, on sale of tobacco products, their belongings, and substitutes for tobacco products, advertising, sales promotion and sponsorship prohibitions and restrictions. The monitoring was carried out by means of a visit to the different objects, the person in charge of each object was provided with an information sheet on the restrictions provided by the law, during which, also it was carried out the awareness activities on the tobacco law and restrictions and the relative fines on each. If a violation of the provisions of the law is found, a violation form is drawn up and signed by the person responsible for that facility. Monitoring and data recording was done using electronic questionnaires and e-platform. The results of the monitoring were presented in a reporting form to National Institute of Health, MoH, furthermore it was provided to the relevant inspection body.
Results: During the period of 2021-2022, the monitoring of 3252 objects was carried out, of which 77.9% were for use, 75.7% for advertising and 100.7% for sale. As a result, the following violations were found: 996 violations of sale, 522 violations of use, and 832 violations of advertising. During repeated inspections of the provisions of the RA Code on administrative offenses, repeated violations were recorded, as a result of which fines provided for by this code were applied.
Conclusion. One of the priority goals of the Government of the Republic of Armenia is the promotion of population health, the issues of which are the improvement of the average level of the population and the reduction of the inequality in the distribution of health. The effectiveness and impact of the monitoring group activities was the basis for it being involved in the Government strategy activities and also financed by the state.

Keywords: WHO, FCTC, tobacco products, monitoring, administrative offenses, fine, state bodies.

DOI: 10.54235/27382737-2023.v3.2-76